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Peace, Forgiving,
Peace-making, Loving, Caring,
Filled with alot of

happy, heart,hugging, holding,loving,
never wanting to let go

Young, Innocent,
Screaming, Yelling, Caring
Never wanting to grow up

Longing, Patient,
Seeking, Ticking, Tocking
Never giving up my

Haiku; Goodbye
As the wind blew;
sweeping my heart away,
leaving without you.

The lights flickered off,
‘I thought I was the only one
to check it out”
Pierced, you turned the lights back on,
you died

God bless her
By a cherry-blossom tree
Give her, her senpai
Or just let her be

By a cherry-blossom tree
Stood Ayano’s enemy
Give her, her senpai
Or you’ll have to die too

Stood Ayano’s enemy
Leave Kokona Haruka
Or you’ll have to die too
With all the other ‘obstacles’

Leave Kokona Haruka
Give her, her senpai
With all the other ‘obstacles’
God bless her
(In honor of Yandere simulator, (Yandere-chan or Ayano Aishi) Yandere

Evidence of my work! Poetry!

This is my piece of poetry I wrote with Ainsley, Mrs O’s daughter. I called it….

What the rainbow means to me

Red is the colour of the blood of those who sacrificed themselves for others.

Orange is the colour of the sun, that is spreading warmth around us.

Yellow is the colour of fun, fun we had as kids.

Green is the colour of the grass, the grass we played on as children.

Blue is the colour of the water. Water we drank when we were friends.

Purple is the colour of the romance we had between us.

Pink is the colour of me, when we are together.

Brown is the colour of change. The change between us both.

Black is the colour of darkness. Where you left me, screaming.

Rainbow was the colour of purity. Now it is the colour of difference.

-Kamryn Halfpenny 05/12/15 09:37am

Term 3 reflection

My Reflection for term 3 2015


My stamina is very high. I can read for 1 hour and 8 minutes. I can read lots of different types of books and know what type it is as in Robin Hood, Folk tale and the little mermaid, Fantasy. As i’ve said before I know what the . I’m reading Star by Catherine Bateson and Riddle gully runaway by Jen Banyard. I have just started star and i’m interested in it so far.

Self regulation:

I’m a hard worker and I have a heap of grit. Grit means to be how determined you are with your work. My working strengths is reading and maths and my weaknesses are writing and tests

Deeper learning:

I try my hardest to make my learning as deep as possible. With the inquiry unit on Extreme weather conditions I have done a lot of research on Vesuvius and Raung. Again with the grit I think I have done very well with my project and I liked that Ms. Fitz chose this activity for us.


I am very determined to learn new things like orienteering and old games back in history like soccer ( football if you’re British ). I like to have a go and show my work to others like my latest story Blank Streets. I’m very determined to have a go at something I didn’t do very well last time. I never used to be very good at writing ( PROOF )


Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry:

My reading i’ve done really well in a grade 5 & 6 standard and I have a great stamina for about 45 minutes. My writing I think i’ve improved the most. I use to be told to go back and retry and see what I could do better. My Maths I am really good at. I can add fractions, decimals, times fractions and a lot more. My inquiry I think i’ve done pretty well with it. I have in mind that it’s a 5 6 standard so hopefully it is.

What I liked about this term:

I really liked Gym with Mr. Palmer and thr WW1 bio’s and what we did them on. I also liked going to Fresh Face Friday. Thankyou for a great term Ms. Fitz

Thanks for reading


-Kammy! 🙂 😉

Blank Streets.

Blank streets

The icy wind is blowing on my face. The cold, black paving are making my feet throb with pain. The streets are cold and soulless and there is only two people on them.
Me, Anya and my unconscious Orphanage sister, Charlotte. With every little step, I feel the life coming out of my body and time is getting slower and slower. Oh, I wish with all my heart that my parents loved me for who I was, then I would know that someone did love me. I hear a loud yawn and my back warming up.
“Charlotte?” I ask softly
“Where am I?” replies Charlotte
“On the streets”
“Some bandits knocked you out. You’ll be fine”
“Oh god, please tell me you’re alright!”
“Yeah I’m-”
Something stopped me from replying to Charlotte. The sound of gunshots. Mean, deadly gunshots. There was some silence.
“You chum, get up or we’ll hang you at the ghetto’s” says a distance voice
“No,  you guy’s are meant to be my mates” says another voice
The last voice sounded familiar. “David?!” I yell“Get away from him!” I hear a THUMP noise. A sound of a man being pushed over. “Anya!” David yells
“Why are you here?”
“I’m here to take Charlotte to the hospital”
“Are you crazy! The place is crawling with Nazi bugs”
“David, it’s our only-”
“No, you are not going, well not by yourself anyway!”

So that was how our adventure began

My rough draft for this story;

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.35.04 pm

         This is this story in my book

I had no plan but I believe that I did a good story. I planned in my head so this was all right . This is my hand-written version and I hoped you liked it. You’ll find that I made some changes so don’t worry, it made it sound better!


At the end of the road Jane could see an old house surrounded by barb wired fences, chipped bricks, smashed windows, thick, oozy dead grass, and out the front there was an old, rusty ute. Jane walked up to the house door and knocked. There was no answer. Jane heard a CREEK, the door was slowly opening. Jane walked inside. Jane saw a figure move, so she wanted to follow it, but it had already disappeared. So Jane in every room trying to find the figure. “ Jane, this way” A soft voice whispered.So Jane followed the voice. “ Jane, come this way” the soft voice continues. “How do you know my name?” Jane asked  “ Come Jane ” the voice whimpered.  Jane was getting closer, and she knew it, the voice was getting louder and louder. Soon enough the voice was louder than ever. Jane walked into the last room “ Jane, i’m over here” . Jane walked over to the corner of the room. “ Jane, can you see me?” The voice asked “ No, where are you?” . “Right in front of you” Then suddenly, out of nowhere a girl wearing a white, silk gown and raven black hair “ What is your name?” asked Jane “Gloria, I’ve been in this mansion for 64 years” “Why?” asked Jane “ In 1950 my sister Jennifer was drowning in lake trapplion , she was screaming for help so I jumped in and tried to save her but she pulled me underneath and then she crawled out to the shore and left me drowning and I died” Explained Gloria. “ Oh, ok”  said Jane “ And Jennifer is a  too?” Asked Jane “ I suppose, but not an actual spirit she is a corpse, she is alive a little bit but she is mostly dead.” explained Gloria. Then all of a sudden a man came in “ Jane, what are you doing in here, this place place is dangerous” Yelled the man. The man happened to be Jane’s father, Chris. “ Daddy, i’m just exploring” Explained Jane “ You have five minutes young lady, Come home right this minute!!!!” Yelled Chris. “ Why? You’ve always wanted me to make a new friend, and I have right now. Her name is Gloria!!!” Explained Jane “ Yes, sir my name is Gloria” Explained Gloria “ Where are you?” asked Chris. “ I’m next to Jane sir “ Explained Gloria “ Ahhhhhhhh “ Screamed Chris and then Chris ran all the way back to Jane’s house where Jane’s mother, Lora was cooking dinner. Back at the haunted mansion the spirit was creeping around “ Okay, i’ve never shown any spirit or living creature this, it’s an invisibility cloak. I want you to have it” Explained Gloria “ Thank you for this wonderful gift, I’ll never forget you” Yelled Jane as she left the mansion.Then Jane and the spirit became best friends and lived happily ever after.

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