Some Other Horror Story I haven’t named

Alice froze in her footsteps. Her bestest friend had just been killed. There was words written on the wall “You’re Next” Alice curled up next to her dead friend

“..” She sobbed

She felt the heat of Janey’s body. Janey’s eyes flickered open, but, they were pitch black. She spoke in a distorted voice

“She’s coming. Be careful”
“Who?!” Alice screamed
“Who’s here? Jane, tell me”

Alice felt a cold breeze pass her body, she felt something puncture her chest. She screamed. The cause of the pain covers Alice’s mouth “You might as well be quiet,” It whispered “Because nobody can hear you” It drew out a sharp knife and laughed “You won’t live to see the light…” And entirely slit her throat

Alice shot up from her bed and screamed


Janey ran in the room worried.
“What happened dear?”
“I-I… You’re s-still?… You…. Jane!?”

“I see you had a bad dream. Go back to sleep-”

“But?? I won’t wake up this time!”

“Alice. It was just a dream, you need to rest”

Alice sighed.

‘sHe’S wRoNg, It’S nOt A dReAm, YoU sLeEp AnD yOu WILL NoT wAkE uP” A voice screamed in Alice’s mind

“ I told her, but does she ever listen-” Alice said sarcastically

“Never, where is Janey and why is she acting weird?”

“JaNeY iS TrYiNg To SaVe yOu, YoUnG oNe”

“Why would she do that for?”

“ShE wAnTs YoU tO liVe”
“What do you mean? I am already living”

“ShE iS iMmOrTaL, sHe MuSt FiNd SoMeOnE tO bE iMmOrTaL wItH hEr As THiS iS hEr PuRpOsE”

“That’s a weird purpose”
“ZiP iT cHiLd, I mUsT lEaVe BeCaUsE yOu AlReAdy KnOw ToO mUcH”

The voice quickly faded as quickly as it appeared

‘What If Janey is in danger?” Alice gulped


Narrative which I have NOT decided a name on

Sadie opened the photo album hesitantly. All her memories, feelings, emotions and knowledge fell onto the photographs with every single tear. It wasn’t so long ago since we were together, She thought. Yet again, it wasn’t that long ago since she- Died. A cold, soulless hand lurched onto  Sadie’s shoulder, she screamed…

It was mum, Sadie glared at her with anger
“Why did you scare me like that?”
“I’m sorry dear-” She was cut off by her own laugh, Sadie couldn’t resist to hold hers in too, so she joined in, giggling like a school-girl.

But little did they know that they were getting watched by someone they always knew, She has ALWAYS been watching… her name is Jemma… and she is part of Sadie…

Sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger 😀 😉 <3
Peace Out

My Padlet for Inquiry T2

Here it is everyone, its currently still in progress since I’m currently at home sick. I’m trying my hardest to do more stuff for my inquiry, it’s that I don’t know where we are at with the actual inquiry. Like, are we still researching or not? I’ll stop ranting and telling you stuff and show it to you all now…

Hope you all like , sorry for being so sick Miss Fitz :'(. Have a good day everyone! – Kamryn-chan OUT!

Lego Digital Designer

Today, we were using LEGO Digital Designer for the ‘E’ in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) I was originally ‘building’ a crane, but the program didn’t have all the parts I needed, so I made a house instead! Hope you all enjoy!
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.35.17 pm
Thanks for reading


3d art with our special guest… ME

It wasn’t yesterday, nor the day before when Ms.Fitz decided that we would be doing 3D shape drawing. It has red, it fills you with determination! (Undertale referance)

Well here it is guys.. the default RedxYellow 3d art!!

Right here!!

The young person was looking at the amazing picture, and noticed it was so awesome they sent it to all the artist of the world! JOKES!!

Thanks for reading


Welcome back / About me

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. My name is Kamryn, (But people call me Kam … or demon) and I’m in grade 5/6FM, and I’m school captain for our school.

When I’m not at school, you’d be most likely to find me playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 or planning to get my devices back from mum (Happens a lot) But you’d probably find me in my room.

But when I’m at school, the social butterfly within me goes straight to my friends. For me, drawing is my life. My drawings always depend on my mood (Isn’t always a good one) AND I LOVE IT!

Bit more about me;
I’m in LOVE with heavy metal! (Grenade, Nickelback , Metallica, Linkin park, The offspring… etc.) I like the games Five Nights At Freddy’s and Slender, horror movies and horror games (That include jump scares!) I am OBSESSED with Youtube, Skype and Nightcore (They speed up music, it sounds better like that) Oh, and I love the dubstep version of Monster, How Should I Feel.

What I want to do in the future;
I want to either be a tattoo artist, a game creator, or in a heavy metal band! I wanna make/join one with a few of my friends!

Thanks everyone for reading,
-Kam XD OwO

Big yellow taxi

This term we have been focusing on ecosystems and how animals and humans both need to share this planet. We had to make a video based on ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, a song that we had to use/listen to, to get a idea on what ecosystems are and what they mean to us. We were also given two rubrics on how we worked that we filled in.

We created this video to show you how BIG companys are destroying the world without second thought and if we don’t IMG_0337change our ways we will drive the human race to extiction.  IMG_0336









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