Haunted House

So, around about a week ago the children in Mrs. O’s class made us a scary story starter and we had to finsih the story. Here’s mine

The Haunted House

Walking around the block to get home from a friend’s house, I looked up to see a faint glow. As I studied the glow it started to move away slowly and I followed it!

The glow leaded me to an abandoned house that had smashed windows and I could only JUST make out a little girl and boy with pitch-black eyes.

They looked as if they were… possessed… I wearily brush past, not taking my eyes off them, then, once I was in the clear, I took my mind off them and the girl and boy started following me. I started walking even faster, becoming more anxious by the second and hearing ghastly echos..



Their messages thumped inside of my head with a large amount of pain. I covered my ears while a scream emerged from between my lips. It was long, loud and painful. “WHY ME, OUT OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE YOU COULD’VE DRAGGED HERE?!” I yelled at the little children “AND WHAT DID I DO?!”

They didn’t reply.

“Hello?” I muttered, which sounded more like a stutter, but who wouldn’t stutter in a time like this?

My thoughts were cut off with a sharp and unbearable pain in my ankle, I started to swear. The pain only got worse by the minute, with plenty of warm liquid spilling and leaking on and around the source of pain. I looked down to see the little boy biting, eating and drinking the area of the wound.

I look behind me to see the little girl with a sharpened knife, smiling. I gasp as I try to speak. I couldn’t. I started to scream without my own permission.

“One…Two…Three….” The little boy whispered

“Play.. with..me…” The little girl whispered

“No thank you…” I manage to say, before taking a sneaky look at the watch on my wrist

1:23 AM

They both look at me, confused, then at each other blankly, then me, again, grinning. The girl began holding the knife against my neck and the boy began to laugh. She began to cut my head off slowly, grinning more with each passing second. I froze with fear and tried to move away Then, it all went black.

I shook my head immediately, snapping out of my daydream quickly. Then I realise that I’m halfway through the house where my ‘death’ was before, I hear ‘them’ giggle and I start to feel a cold blade on my neck. I look at my watch..

..1:23 AM..

Archie Roach Biography

Archie Roach
In Memory Of Ruby Charlotte Margaret Hunter

A beloved singer/songwriter, and beautiful and loving partner of Archibald William Roach
You will not be forgotten
31 October 1955 – 17 February 2010

Now, everyone, please gather around as I present to you a story, a story as beautiful and heart-warming as a mother’s kiss! So let us begin-

Archibald William “Archie” Roach was first brought into the world on the 8th of January, 1956, in Mooroopna, where he grew up with his family, with the wild population of other Indigenous Australians, had to get re-housed on the Rumbalara mission, but, he and his family decided to move to Framlingham, where his mother was born.

While still a very young boy, Archie and his sisters, along with the other Indigenous Australian children of the stolen generation, were forced to be removed from their family by Australian government agencies, and placed in an orphanage. After receiving two placements in foster care, Archie was eventually fostered by the Coxes, a family of Scottish immigrants

Now, as a young man, Roach had gotten a letter from an older sister, telling him the past events of their childhood. Angry and hurt, he left his foster home carrying only a guitar. Penniless, he travelled to Sydney and Adelaide, and spent some time living on the streets, trying to make sense of his childhood and find his natural family.

He also went through periods of alcoholism and despair, but also began to make some music. During this time Roach met his lifelong partner, and musical soulmate, Ruby Hunter. They started a family. Later in their marriage, their home became an open house for teenage Aborigines living on the streets.

In the late 1980s Ruby and Archie formed a band, the Altogethers, with a few other Indigenous Australians, and moved to Melbourne. There he was overheard by a bandmate of songwriter Paul Kelly, who persuaded Paul to give Archie an opening slot for some of his concerts.

In 1990, with the help and encouragement of Paul, Archie recorded his debut solo album, Charcoal Lane. This album included the song “Took the Children Away”, a song telling people of the bad treatment of indigenous children of Archie’s generation, and a song which ‘struck a chord’ not only among the Aboriginal community, but also nationally.

Archie’s song ‘Took The Children Away’ won two ARIA Awards, as well as an international Human Rights Achievement Award, the first time this had been awarded to a songwriter because of a song. The album it came from featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 Albums for 1992.

As for today? Well, Archie is currently living in in a homestead near South Australia, with his children.

Where did Archie get his inspiration from?
As well as fostering little Archie, the Coxes had children of their own. Their oldest daughter was named Mary. Now, Mary played the keyboard and guitar and she performed in a local church, after a while, Archie asked his foster-sister to teach him the basics of both instruments.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about Mooroopna!
Mooroopna is located not that far away from Shepparton and Melbourne, with a fair population of around about 7,800 people. The name Mooroopna comes from an Aboriginal word referring to a bend in the Goulburn River, near Shepparton in central Victoria.


Indigenous Australians- To refer to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Re-housed- To provide someone with new housing
Immigrants- A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
Penniless- Of a person having no money
Alcoholism- Someone who’s addicted to drinking Alcohol (Alcoholic)
Soulmate- A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.
Aborigines- Indigenous  Australians
Debut- A first appearance
ARIA awards- The Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (ARIA music awards) Known for giving awards to the most famous, musicians, songs and even just the lyrics
Homestead- A farmhouse or a out-building

Thankyou for reading MY biography on Archie, I hope you enjoyed!Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.44.22 am

-Kamryn 😀

More poems!

Sorry for spamming with poetry!

Peace, Forgiving,
Peace-making, Loving, Caring,
Filled with alot of

happy, heart,hugging, holding,loving,
never wanting to let go

Young, Innocent,
Screaming, Yelling, Caring
Never wanting to grow up

Longing, Patient,
Seeking, Ticking, Tocking
Never giving up my

Haiku; Goodbye
As the wind blew;
sweeping my heart away,
leaving without you.

The lights flickered off,
‘I thought I was the only one
to check it out”
Pierced, you turned the lights back on,
you died

God bless her
By a cherry-blossom tree
Give her, her senpai
Or just let her be

By a cherry-blossom tree
Stood Ayano’s enemy
Give her, her senpai
Or you’ll have to die too

Stood Ayano’s enemy
Leave Kokona Haruka
Or you’ll have to die too
With all the other ‘obstacles’

Leave Kokona Haruka
Give her, her senpai
With all the other ‘obstacles’
God bless her
(In honor of Yandere simulator, (Yandere-chan or Ayano Aishi) Yandere

My Story So Far

As She approached, through the partly opened door, She could just see the shadows that were cast along the floor. But she knew that neither of them belonged to her, because one was holding a hatchet and the other a long, sharp knife. She refused to barge in there, because her nemesis, Hailey, was held held hostage in there. She didn’t want to go in there to save her, it wasn’t her job. Her job was to hurt others, and Hailey was one of the people who deserved to be hurt.

She softly raised her hand to the cold, silver door-nob and turned it harshly with a strong grasp. “Well, well, well. Looks like we have another ‘friend’, here to join us” Someone’s voice echoed. A different voice giggled. The type you’d expect in a horror movie, she thought. “So sweetie, what bring you here to the-” A feminine voice began as the lights flickered on, she flinched at the blinding light that filled the room “Haunted House?”

She could see them clearly now. The first voices’ owner was a male- Late teens, messy dark brown hair, pale skin. He wore a long, grey hoodie with black dress pants. He also looks like a character in a horror movie, she thought. “Well, u-uh-” She stammered “Nevermind… what’s your name, girly?” The male spoke “M-My name’s S-Sally” She could see Hailey in the corner of her eye “Let Ha-Hailey Go”

I promise I’ll edit this sometime this week
Bye! Kammy-chan XD

Evidence of my writing

Welcome back, now, I am going to show you the poetry I’ve done this month. This first one is called a ‘Found Poem’  it’s where you have a page from your favorite book or a piece of writing, and the words are already there, you’ve just got to ‘Find’ them (Basically, where you have to describe the page in poetry form. You can do artwork on it, but it has to be related to the poem) Here it is!

(It’s from Page #5, from the book ‘Secret Lives’ by Caroline Macdonald)
Real love
is the unspoken words
that let your
heart work in the
it should. <3

Now, this next poem is called a ‘Pantoum Poem’. Traditionally, the 1st and 3rd line would rhyme and the 2nd and 4th line would rhyme. That would continue through the whole poem (Sadly mine isn’t traditional) WARNING; THIS FOLLOWING POEM IS VERY GRUESOME! PROCEED IF YOU DARE You’ve been warned..

Knives can kill you,
Scissors can cut you
Pull the seams
Blood can cure you.

Scissors can cut you
Life, a beautiful lie
Blood can cure you
Hanging by a tree.

Life, a beautiful lie
Death, the ugly truth
Hanging by a tree
Blood curdling screams.

Death, the ugly truth
Pull the seams
Blood curdling screams
Knives can kill you.

Thankyou for reading (I’ll post my story later)
Bye!!! -Kammy-chan XD

Evidence of my work! Poetry!

This is my piece of poetry I wrote with Ainsley, Mrs O’s daughter. I called it….

What the rainbow means to me

Red is the colour of the blood of those who sacrificed themselves for others.

Orange is the colour of the sun, that is spreading warmth around us.

Yellow is the colour of fun, fun we had as kids.

Green is the colour of the grass, the grass we played on as children.

Blue is the colour of the water. Water we drank when we were friends.

Purple is the colour of the romance we had between us.

Pink is the colour of me, when we are together.

Brown is the colour of change. The change between us both.

Black is the colour of darkness. Where you left me, screaming.

Rainbow was the colour of purity. Now it is the colour of difference.

-Kamryn Halfpenny 05/12/15 09:37am

Term 3 reflection

My Reflection for term 3 2015


My stamina is very high. I can read for 1 hour and 8 minutes. I can read lots of different types of books and know what type it is as in Robin Hood, Folk tale and the little mermaid, Fantasy. As i’ve said before I know what the . I’m reading Star by Catherine Bateson and Riddle gully runaway by Jen Banyard. I have just started star and i’m interested in it so far.

Self regulation:

I’m a hard worker and I have a heap of grit. Grit means to be how determined you are with your work. My working strengths is reading and maths and my weaknesses are writing and tests

Deeper learning:

I try my hardest to make my learning as deep as possible. With the inquiry unit on Extreme weather conditions I have done a lot of research on Vesuvius and Raung. Again with the grit I think I have done very well with my project and I liked that Ms. Fitz chose this activity for us.


I am very determined to learn new things like orienteering and old games back in history like soccer ( football if you’re British ). I like to have a go and show my work to others like my latest story Blank Streets. I’m very determined to have a go at something I didn’t do very well last time. I never used to be very good at writing ( PROOF )


Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry:

My reading i’ve done really well in a grade 5 & 6 standard and I have a great stamina for about 45 minutes. My writing I think i’ve improved the most. I use to be told to go back and retry and see what I could do better. My Maths I am really good at. I can add fractions, decimals, times fractions and a lot more. My inquiry I think i’ve done pretty well with it. I have in mind that it’s a 5 6 standard so hopefully it is.

What I liked about this term:

I really liked Gym with Mr. Palmer and thr WW1 bio’s and what we did them on. I also liked going to Fresh Face Friday. Thankyou for a great term Ms. Fitz

Thanks for reading


-Kammy! 🙂 😉

Fractured Fairytale. By Kam and Jorja

One day in France there was a little boy named Gold.He had short brown hair and sharp green eyes.Gold’s best friend was Jackie, she had long curly, blonde hair and she had piercing blue eyes. One day while Jackie and Gold were walking in the park to get to little Blues house , they found a little sweet tiger.The little sweet tiger looked hungry so Gold asked Jackie to go get meat from the butchers. So she went to the butcher to get some meat.


Jackie came back with the meat ,and then she gave it to the little sweet tiger ”Goodbye” said Gold and Jackie and of they went to Little Blues house.They continued to walk till they got to Little Blues house! When they got to Little blues house Little blue asked if Jackie and Gold could go to the party , Gold and Jackie said yes little blues Mum told the three friends to get in the car because they were going to the party.When they got there,there was loud music and a disco ball.Then they saw their best friends Beauty and the Beast.


They said hello and then Beauty took Jackie to get her into her Blondella costume she loved it! it was very sparkly and very shiny and beauty got got her beautiful gown for the play ”Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the party play” Beauty yelled everyone clapped as the play begun.


Little blue had the time of his life.  At twelve o’clock the beat got uglier than ever before so he ran far,far away never to be seen again.Beauty ran of the stage to run after the beast.Little blue tripped over and broke his arm. Jackie ripped her dress and everyone could see her undies, so she ran in embarrassment Gold stayed and then he was dancing with a girl called Wierdella then…. Really, everyone lived happily ever after


A big thankyou to Jorja for being my partner and helping me do the puppet show. A thanks to the prep’s for listening to our story and a HUGE thankyou to Miss Fitz for letting the class do Fractured Fairytales.
Thankyou for reading

-Kammy! 😉 🙂

PS. Visit  Jorja’s blog to see her work click on the link below.

This is the link: LINK

Blank Streets.

Blank streets

The icy wind is blowing on my face. The cold, black paving are making my feet throb with pain. The streets are cold and soulless and there is only two people on them.
Me, Anya and my unconscious Orphanage sister, Charlotte. With every little step, I feel the life coming out of my body and time is getting slower and slower. Oh, I wish with all my heart that my parents loved me for who I was, then I would know that someone did love me. I hear a loud yawn and my back warming up.
“Charlotte?” I ask softly
“Where am I?” replies Charlotte
“On the streets”
“Some bandits knocked you out. You’ll be fine”
“Oh god, please tell me you’re alright!”
“Yeah I’m-”
Something stopped me from replying to Charlotte. The sound of gunshots. Mean, deadly gunshots. There was some silence.
“You chum, get up or we’ll hang you at the ghetto’s” says a distance voice
“No,  you guy’s are meant to be my mates” says another voice
The last voice sounded familiar. “David?!” I yell“Get away from him!” I hear a THUMP noise. A sound of a man being pushed over. “Anya!” David yells
“Why are you here?”
“I’m here to take Charlotte to the hospital”
“Are you crazy! The place is crawling with Nazi bugs”
“David, it’s our only-”
“No, you are not going, well not by yourself anyway!”

So that was how our adventure began

My rough draft for this story;

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.35.04 pm

         This is this story in my book

I had no plan but I believe that I did a good story. I planned in my head so this was all right . This is my hand-written version and I hoped you liked it. You’ll find that I made some changes so don’t worry, it made it sound better!

A Jewish story. Chapter one: The thought

A Jewish Story


As I walk out of the nazi death camp gates, I think about what I should do and where I should go and of what has happened to all us Jewish people. Why were we there? I ask myself, What did we do wrong to the Germans? My curiosity quickly flashed to anger and slight sadness “ All those innocent children are dead!” I scream. And I run into what was Germany but now it’s a death city for not just the jews, The Nazi’s too.



Chapter 1: The thought

As I took my first step outside the death camp gates I the sharp, dead grass prick my feet and I start to bleed. I didn’t really pay much attention to it because i’ve been in a death camp for 2 years. I take one, long stare at the death camp and then I look away. I still remember the way my mum and dad looked when we got separated.


They got sent to left and my brother and sister and I got ordered to the right. And I also remember the way they looked before their death, they were skinnier than a stick, pale as snow and frail as a butterfly. We had to watch them get slaughtered by the Nazis, or it will happen to us too.


These people, the Nazis were never nice to us Jewish people. But they never got a chance to chose, They had to mock and humiliate us or they would get killed by other Nazis. It’s rare to find a kind hearted Nazi to help you hide until the war is over, but there was one man. His name was Joshua McCarthy, he saved my life. I was about to get shot and he told the Nazi off in German language.


Until one very day, after two weeks of me in his care he got slaughtered by Nazis. We were walking down the streets to go get clothes for me, all the other Nazis in town thought he was protecting a Jew. So he got shot. I stood there, waiting for him to get up “Get up Josh, Please!” I found myself yelling out in the crowd. “Get up, I need you” I scream.


The Nazis are grabbing me and are taking me away now. Another Nazi stopping next to the ones that are holding my arms. They are talking to each other, here is my chance to run. I punch the soldiers and I start to run, as fast as I can. I see a piece of forest, I run there. The soldiers are trying to find me now but they can’t, i’m too far into the forest for them to know where I am. I start to cry. Not for me, for all the poor Jewish people. Youth and elderly. “ Nazi murderers” I yell “How would you feel if us jews tried to kill you”. I fall to the ground, My limbs are far too weak for me to keep on going, So I lay there in peace, sleeping.


Then I wake up to continue my journey and i roll over and see a massive hole in the ground with people’s heads everywhere. I fall onto my knees and start praying to Jesus and Mary and I cry, again for the people in there. I hear some gunshots, Have they found me? “Who are you?” I yell “And what do you want?” The person comes to me and grabs my collar on my shirt, “Let me go!” I scream but they clasp their hand over my mouth. I feel calmer, and I look up and the person is a lady. “Who are you?” I ask again. “That does not matter” She finally replies. “Where are we going, Are we going somewhere warm and cozy?” I ask, Then I feel all weird and guilty, I think i’ve asked too many questions.


“Don’t worry, you’re going to somewhere nice.” She said. Oh no, is she taking me to the Nazi’s? Wait, she said nice maybe I am going to her house, maybe she’s a exquisite cook? I ask myself, “So what’s you’re name?” I asked the lady “My name is Abbey” She murmured “I am taking you to my house for protection, I hate the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler” She whispered “And I think that you don’t deserve this” she says “What?” I say “Going to a death camp of course” “Why are they doing this?” I ask “They think that the Germans would make the best race, And Jews don’t count” She replied.
I was about to scream but something stopped me. The beautiful smell of pie, Meat pie. I hadn’t eaten for days, I think that it’s coming from Abbey’s house. “Ok, here we are” said Abbey. My starvation goes to thirst. “Abbey, Can you get me some water?” I ask “Ok” Abbey said

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