Desert Survivors [Experiment 1 of Many]

Yesterday, the 12th of October 2016 to be precise, Mr. Mayes and Ms. Fitz decided to conduct a experiment with us on our Term 4 Subject~ DESERT SURVIVORS. The experiment was to put a freezer-bag over one lot of tree leaves and leave (No pun intended) them outside 24 hours. From that same tree we had to take some leaves and place them in a (Separate) Zip-Lock bag and leave them in our classroom over-night.

My Prediction was that the leaves would become greener and sort of regenerate itself. It would grow because there wouldn’t be any birds/insects to infect/damage the small leaves.

My Reason was because the leaves would be in a small pocket of air while being with other leaves to use for regeneration. Also, the bugs and birds would leaf (Pun Intended 😀 ) it alone, so no harm is done.

My Observation But Today (As it was the 13th of October, 2016) when we had to go check what has happened to our dear leaves, some of us found Pools of water in the freezer bag, some found spiders (Cough, Cough… Holly and Marnie..) and others found a small amount of water.

My Explanation Since the leaves were compressed in a small, heated environment, the leaves had started to leak out the collected water and for many filled their bags up. This is because from every tree, the leaves have collect different amounts of water.

Thank you for reading my Biological reasoning for this experiment
I hope you liked


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