Haunted House

So, around about a week ago the children in Mrs. O’s class made us a scary story starter and we had to finsih the story. Here’s mine

The Haunted House

Walking around the block to get home from a friend’s house, I looked up to see a faint glow. As I studied the glow it started to move away slowly and I followed it!

The glow leaded me to an abandoned house that had smashed windows and I could only JUST make out a little girl and boy with pitch-black eyes.

They looked as if they were… possessed… I wearily brush past, not taking my eyes off them, then, once I was in the clear, I took my mind off them and the girl and boy started following me. I started walking even faster, becoming more anxious by the second and hearing ghastly echos..



Their messages thumped inside of my head with a large amount of pain. I covered my ears while a scream emerged from between my lips. It was long, loud and painful. “WHY ME, OUT OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE YOU COULD’VE DRAGGED HERE?!” I yelled at the little children “AND WHAT DID I DO?!”

They didn’t reply.

“Hello?” I muttered, which sounded more like a stutter, but who wouldn’t stutter in a time like this?

My thoughts were cut off with a sharp and unbearable pain in my ankle, I started to swear. The pain only got worse by the minute, with plenty of warm liquid spilling and leaking on and around the source of pain. I looked down to see the little boy biting, eating and drinking the area of the wound.

I look behind me to see the little girl with a sharpened knife, smiling. I gasp as I try to speak. I couldn’t. I started to scream without my own permission.

“One…Two…Three….” The little boy whispered

“Play.. with..me…” The little girl whispered

“No thank you…” I manage to say, before taking a sneaky look at the watch on my wrist

1:23 AM

They both look at me, confused, then at each other blankly, then me, again, grinning. The girl began holding the knife against my neck and the boy began to laugh. She began to cut my head off slowly, grinning more with each passing second. I froze with fear and tried to move away Then, it all went black.

I shook my head immediately, snapping out of my daydream quickly. Then I realise that I’m halfway through the house where my ‘death’ was before, I hear ‘them’ giggle and I start to feel a cold blade on my neck. I look at my watch..

..1:23 AM..

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