Some Other Horror Story I haven’t named

Alice froze in her footsteps. Her bestest friend had just been killed. There was words written on the wall “You’re Next” Alice curled up next to her dead friend

“..” She sobbed

She felt the heat of Janey’s body. Janey’s eyes flickered open, but, they were pitch black. She spoke in a distorted voice

“She’s coming. Be careful”
“Who?!” Alice screamed
“Who’s here? Jane, tell me”

Alice felt a cold breeze pass her body, she felt something puncture her chest. She screamed. The cause of the pain covers Alice’s mouth “You might as well be quiet,” It whispered “Because nobody can hear you” It drew out a sharp knife and laughed “You won’t live to see the light…” And entirely slit her throat

Alice shot up from her bed and screamed


Janey ran in the room worried.
“What happened dear?”
“I-I… You’re s-still?… You…. Jane!?”

“I see you had a bad dream. Go back to sleep-”

“But?? I won’t wake up this time!”

“Alice. It was just a dream, you need to rest”

Alice sighed.

‘sHe’S wRoNg, It’S nOt A dReAm, YoU sLeEp AnD yOu WILL NoT wAkE uP” A voice screamed in Alice’s mind

“ I told her, but does she ever listen-” Alice said sarcastically

“Never, where is Janey and why is she acting weird?”

“JaNeY iS TrYiNg To SaVe yOu, YoUnG oNe”

“Why would she do that for?”

“ShE wAnTs YoU tO liVe”
“What do you mean? I am already living”

“ShE iS iMmOrTaL, sHe MuSt FiNd SoMeOnE tO bE iMmOrTaL wItH hEr As THiS iS hEr PuRpOsE”

“That’s a weird purpose”
“ZiP iT cHiLd, I mUsT lEaVe BeCaUsE yOu AlReAdy KnOw ToO mUcH”

The voice quickly faded as quickly as it appeared

‘What If Janey is in danger?” Alice gulped


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