Narrative which I have NOT decided a name on

Sadie opened the photo album hesitantly. All her memories, feelings, emotions and knowledge fell onto the photographs with every single tear. It wasn’t so long ago since we were together, She thought. Yet again, it wasn’t that long ago since she- Died. A cold, soulless hand lurched onto  Sadie’s shoulder, she screamed…

It was mum, Sadie glared at her with anger
“Why did you scare me like that?”
“I’m sorry dear-” She was cut off by her own laugh, Sadie couldn’t resist to hold hers in too, so she joined in, giggling like a school-girl.

But little did they know that they were getting watched by someone they always knew, She has ALWAYS been watching… her name is Jemma… and she is part of Sadie…

Sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger 😀 😉 <3
Peace Out

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