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Peace, Forgiving,
Peace-making, Loving, Caring,
Filled with alot of

happy, heart,hugging, holding,loving,
never wanting to let go

Young, Innocent,
Screaming, Yelling, Caring
Never wanting to grow up

Longing, Patient,
Seeking, Ticking, Tocking
Never giving up my

Haiku; Goodbye
As the wind blew;
sweeping my heart away,
leaving without you.

The lights flickered off,
‘I thought I was the only one
to check it out”
Pierced, you turned the lights back on,
you died

God bless her
By a cherry-blossom tree
Give her, her senpai
Or just let her be

By a cherry-blossom tree
Stood Ayano’s enemy
Give her, her senpai
Or you’ll have to die too

Stood Ayano’s enemy
Leave Kokona Haruka
Or you’ll have to die too
With all the other ‘obstacles’

Leave Kokona Haruka
Give her, her senpai
With all the other ‘obstacles’
God bless her
(In honor of Yandere simulator, (Yandere-chan or Ayano Aishi) Yandere

My Story So Far

As She approached, through the partly opened door, She could just see the shadows that were cast along the floor. But she knew that neither of them belonged to her, because one was holding a hatchet and the other a long, sharp knife. She refused to barge in there, because her nemesis, Hailey, was held held hostage in there. She didn’t want to go in there to save her, it wasn’t her job. Her job was to hurt others, and Hailey was one of the people who deserved to be hurt.

She softly raised her hand to the cold, silver door-nob and turned it harshly with a strong grasp. “Well, well, well. Looks like we have another ‘friend’, here to join us” Someone’s voice echoed. A different voice giggled. The type you’d expect in a horror movie, she thought. “So sweetie, what bring you here to the-” A feminine voice began as the lights flickered on, she flinched at the blinding light that filled the room “Haunted House?”

She could see them clearly now. The first voices’ owner was a male- Late teens, messy dark brown hair, pale skin. He wore a long, grey hoodie with black dress pants. He also looks like a character in a horror movie, she thought. “Well, u-uh-” She stammered “Nevermind… what’s your name, girly?” The male spoke “M-My name’s S-Sally” She could see Hailey in the corner of her eye “Let Ha-Hailey Go”

I promise I’ll edit this sometime this week
Bye! Kammy-chan XD

Evidence of my writing

Welcome back, now, I am going to show you the poetry I’ve done this month. This first one is called a ‘Found Poem’  it’s where you have a page from your favorite book or a piece of writing, and the words are already there, you’ve just got to ‘Find’ them (Basically, where you have to describe the page in poetry form. You can do artwork on it, but it has to be related to the poem) Here it is!

(It’s from Page #5, from the book ‘Secret Lives’ by Caroline Macdonald)
Real love
is the unspoken words
that let your
heart work in the
it should. <3

Now, this next poem is called a ‘Pantoum Poem’. Traditionally, the 1st and 3rd line would rhyme and the 2nd and 4th line would rhyme. That would continue through the whole poem (Sadly mine isn’t traditional) WARNING; THIS FOLLOWING POEM IS VERY GRUESOME! PROCEED IF YOU DARE You’ve been warned..

Knives can kill you,
Scissors can cut you
Pull the seams
Blood can cure you.

Scissors can cut you
Life, a beautiful lie
Blood can cure you
Hanging by a tree.

Life, a beautiful lie
Death, the ugly truth
Hanging by a tree
Blood curdling screams.

Death, the ugly truth
Pull the seams
Blood curdling screams
Knives can kill you.

Thankyou for reading (I’ll post my story later)
Bye!!! -Kammy-chan XD

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