Big yellow taxi

This term we have been focusing on ecosystems and how animals and humans both need to share this planet. We had to make a video based on ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, a song that we had to use/listen to, to get a idea on what ecosystems are and what they mean to us. We were also given two rubrics on how we worked that we filled in.

We created this video to show you how BIG companys are destroying the world without second thought and if we don’t IMG_0337change our ways we will drive the human race to extiction.  IMG_0336









Hehehe more poetry?

Yes, it is some more poetry. Slam poetry to be exact. I called it… Goodbye


There is a circle of darkness around me.Things are eating away at my raw flesh.
I can’t breath. Why?
I can’t walk but I’m moving.
I can’t talk but I’m getting answers.

What did I do to deserve this?
What did I do to you? I take one, deep breath.
The pain. I cry.
Tears stream down my face like a waterfall.

I get up, not letting the darkness get me.
A sharp pain in my neck.
I fall like a rag doll.
Thick, red liquid is running down my neck.
The waterfall has become a deep pool.

I don’t let the darkness take me.
One step to freedom.
A pool of boiling hatred.
A ladder made of words.
The water full of jealousy.

I get up and I see a door.
A large, golden door.
One step to freedom.
I push myself to run.
The darkness rushes over me.
I am gone.
Missing from the words, hatred and jealousy.
Missing because of you.

Is all I wanted to say.Now you will pay…

One step to freedom

Evidence of my work! Poetry!

This is my piece of poetry I wrote with Ainsley, Mrs O’s daughter. I called it….

What the rainbow means to me

Red is the colour of the blood of those who sacrificed themselves for others.

Orange is the colour of the sun, that is spreading warmth around us.

Yellow is the colour of fun, fun we had as kids.

Green is the colour of the grass, the grass we played on as children.

Blue is the colour of the water. Water we drank when we were friends.

Purple is the colour of the romance we had between us.

Pink is the colour of me, when we are together.

Brown is the colour of change. The change between us both.

Black is the colour of darkness. Where you left me, screaming.

Rainbow was the colour of purity. Now it is the colour of difference.

-Kamryn Halfpenny 05/12/15 09:37am
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