AFL Mishap: Adam Goodes Incident

AFL Mishap

Adam Goodes has recently been criticized by the public. They have made up rumours about him being disrespectful to people, read to find out more

Firstly, it started in the indigenous round in the AFL, when Adam scored a goal he did a Aboriginal war dance for two reasons.1: To show the children that taught him it that he can do it and that he appreciates them teaching him that. 2: To celebrate a goal, I mean who wouldn’t be happy to score a goal for one of Australia’s biggest companies? It is the indigenous round so why shouldn’t he do it?

Secondly, in another AFL match a young girl called him a mean, rude name on the field, he realised who it was and said “Really, that was young girl”. Police asked him if he wanted to press charges to the young girl and he said “No, but the support shouldn’t go to me it should go to her”. People said that he told the police to remove her from the stadium, but he didn’t, the police did. Later on the girl called Adam and apoligised to him, Then she sent a letter to him.

Lastly, the booing, which was horrible, it was probably the thing that made him upset the most. I think that he was wondering why they were booing him, and he probably thought that they were doing it because he was Aboriginal and indigenous. But it’s not, it’s those mean people, THOSE HATERS!

My opinion: Why does he deserve this? What did he EVER do wrong? He is there to entertain you but you boo him? A innocent man is getting humiliated for no reason whatsoever?! My opinion is don’t believe in everything the internet says until you get ALL of the facts!

-Kamryn 😉 cheers

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Adam Goodes’ AFL number

We support Adam


A Jewish story. Chapter one: The thought

A Jewish Story


As I walk out of the nazi death camp gates, I think about what I should do and where I should go and of what has happened to all us Jewish people. Why were we there? I ask myself, What did we do wrong to the Germans? My curiosity quickly flashed to anger and slight sadness “ All those innocent children are dead!” I scream. And I run into what was Germany but now it’s a death city for not just the jews, The Nazi’s too.



Chapter 1: The thought

As I took my first step outside the death camp gates I the sharp, dead grass prick my feet and I start to bleed. I didn’t really pay much attention to it because i’ve been in a death camp for 2 years. I take one, long stare at the death camp and then I look away. I still remember the way my mum and dad looked when we got separated.


They got sent to left and my brother and sister and I got ordered to the right. And I also remember the way they looked before their death, they were skinnier than a stick, pale as snow and frail as a butterfly. We had to watch them get slaughtered by the Nazis, or it will happen to us too.


These people, the Nazis were never nice to us Jewish people. But they never got a chance to chose, They had to mock and humiliate us or they would get killed by other Nazis. It’s rare to find a kind hearted Nazi to help you hide until the war is over, but there was one man. His name was Joshua McCarthy, he saved my life. I was about to get shot and he told the Nazi off in German language.


Until one very day, after two weeks of me in his care he got slaughtered by Nazis. We were walking down the streets to go get clothes for me, all the other Nazis in town thought he was protecting a Jew. So he got shot. I stood there, waiting for him to get up “Get up Josh, Please!” I found myself yelling out in the crowd. “Get up, I need you” I scream.


The Nazis are grabbing me and are taking me away now. Another Nazi stopping next to the ones that are holding my arms. They are talking to each other, here is my chance to run. I punch the soldiers and I start to run, as fast as I can. I see a piece of forest, I run there. The soldiers are trying to find me now but they can’t, i’m too far into the forest for them to know where I am. I start to cry. Not for me, for all the poor Jewish people. Youth and elderly. “ Nazi murderers” I yell “How would you feel if us jews tried to kill you”. I fall to the ground, My limbs are far too weak for me to keep on going, So I lay there in peace, sleeping.


Then I wake up to continue my journey and i roll over and see a massive hole in the ground with people’s heads everywhere. I fall onto my knees and start praying to Jesus and Mary and I cry, again for the people in there. I hear some gunshots, Have they found me? “Who are you?” I yell “And what do you want?” The person comes to me and grabs my collar on my shirt, “Let me go!” I scream but they clasp their hand over my mouth. I feel calmer, and I look up and the person is a lady. “Who are you?” I ask again. “That does not matter” She finally replies. “Where are we going, Are we going somewhere warm and cozy?” I ask, Then I feel all weird and guilty, I think i’ve asked too many questions.


“Don’t worry, you’re going to somewhere nice.” She said. Oh no, is she taking me to the Nazi’s? Wait, she said nice maybe I am going to her house, maybe she’s a exquisite cook? I ask myself, “So what’s you’re name?” I asked the lady “My name is Abbey” She murmured “I am taking you to my house for protection, I hate the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler” She whispered “And I think that you don’t deserve this” she says “What?” I say “Going to a death camp of course” “Why are they doing this?” I ask “They think that the Germans would make the best race, And Jews don’t count” She replied.
I was about to scream but something stopped me. The beautiful smell of pie, Meat pie. I hadn’t eaten for days, I think that it’s coming from Abbey’s house. “Ok, here we are” said Abbey. My starvation goes to thirst. “Abbey, Can you get me some water?” I ask “Ok” Abbey said

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