Doodle for Google 2015

This year in year 1-6 Mrs. Davey ( PE and art teacher ) entered ‘Doodle for Google 2015’. The theme is ‘If i could go back in time’. Here is my entrant that firstly has to get past the teachers first! 😐 Oh well!! If i could go back in time id go back to the beginning of halloween when people had monster brothers and sisters!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.49.54 pm I think they’ll put it up for halloween, Don’t you?


Thanks for reading


-Kamryn 😉 🙂 😮


Once and Then

Once and Then by Morris Gleitzman. Task by me (Kamryn)
Key:  Blue words are key words.
What the locket symbolises in the characters and story;
Zelda & Felix: family, love and revenge
Felix: Security, hope, courage & protecting Zelda
Zelda: Hatred, safety, hope and disaster
Genia: Keeping Zelda and Felix ( or the family ) safe
Why do I think that the locket symbolises that? Because Zelda has hatred for nazi soldiers. But her parents are nazis. And how much security and safety it means to Felix and Genia. But most of all it represents the love and family
I think that Zelda and Genia bought the locket for Felix to help remember his family & what they did for him. But personally I think that Zelda had a huge thought about Felix, ‘If she’d be safe wearing a locket maybe he would?’
Thanks for reading
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