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Reflection on the story:
‘ I almost feel my heart pump out of my chest ‘ . It is one of the best books i’ve read so far. The author is Morris Gleitzman, Because he has a Jewish background and he and Felix relate really well.
so go and buy the book. I give it a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5
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‘Letters’ is actually a tribute to the light horse men that had to kill their horses.
Letter 1:
19th July 1918
Greetings, I am on my way back from war, But I have bad news. Charlie, our horse is dead. But before you get upset  the orders Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.55.57 amcame through and they said that no horses are to return from war, And we didn’t want to give strangers our best mates. So we killed them, They still live in our hearts. Even though they’re dead, we must remember their strong hearts.
Love from James Matthews.
                               27th July 1918
Hello James, I am very sad about Charlie, But I also know that he did it for us, he did it for our country. When you arrive I have two little gifts for you….. Two baby foals, Ginger and Chocolate. My heart might be broken, but at least he’s still in there.
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Love from Jane Matthews
                               30th July 1918
Hello again Jane, I’ll be back in a few days. I hope Bessie doesn’t mind her Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.56.29 amhusband being dead. Speaking of horses how are the young foals? Sorry for the bad handwriting, i’m on the boat which is on some crazy waves. See you on Friday.
Love from James Matthews


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The Wind

The Wind

The Wind is howling, screaming into my ears. There is silence for  seconds then minutes and there is nothing to be heard. They have left the city. The strange sound in my head is ready to burst my ears. I’ve had enough of this nonsense I go to my House then I slam my bedroom door behind me, close the window then I light a fire in my fireplace then I getinto bed for a rest. When i wake up it does not work. I really need a break I get up and grab my ear-muffs and it works finally but now knowing it was a terrible sound I kind of miss it.

The start of my story: Un – breakable

Chapter 1

My parents are yelling, not at me at a man that is taking me away from them.    They are speaking in aboriginal, so I don’t think that the man can understand them. My mother is pleading the man to let me go, my father is trying to punch the man, but the man just knocked him out. My mother once told me about these people, the stolen generation. They said ‘what ever you do we will be there for you’. I wish I wasn’t aboriginal, then these men wouldn’t of taken me from my parents and I wouldn’t be……… THUMP. I hit the ground, and I can hear other people . Aboriginals shouting in excitement, I crawl out and I see other people like me. Brown skin, black hair. I freak out and I faint. When I faint I feel calm and relaxed and I feel i’m back with my parents. I get given the coordinates to my dormitory and I start to walk to the dormitory then I get pulled into a different dorm. “ Hey, new girl, could you stay in our dorm?” Asked a girl “ O-okay” I say shivering in the dorm. The girls walk closer, I recognize their faces. “ Gabriella, Stephanie and Charlotte is that you?” I ask in excitement “ Yes” The girls in the dorm reply.


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Idioms: A idiom is a phrase to mean a thing which is totally different to the actual meaning. and also a fun way to say things. Us Aussie’s are very good at idioms and pratcical slang language.

These are my four idioms I have done .

From rags to riches:  Means to go from very poor to very wealthy

Burst someones bubble: Means to destroy someones dreams and plans.

Cry over spilt milk: Means to worry about something that happened in the past.

You caught me red handed: Means to catch someone doing bad things.

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