ANZAC day:  Is a day to remember all of the people who died in World War 1 and the people who fought in the world war 100 years ago.Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.09.43 PM

Take one minute to think of this:

The people who died and fought in war, The Gallipions who saw random people charging at them with machine guns and rifles. Remember that they fought for the life of the future. (Today).

Thankyou, dear soldier’s, for risking and giving up your life for us and our freedom!!!

what this means to me: We shall remember them for the courage and support they gave to us to live for freedom. And that they won and I hope our truce with Gallipoli continues for generations.

Thankyou, dear soldier’s, for risking and giving up your life for us and our freedom!!

Remember them, what they have done for us.  Love what they have done for us.

This is to my great, great, great uncle Julius Ilfield

– Kamryn 🙂 😉


2015 camp is only 3 weeks away and it is exciting. On the first day we are going to do A river cruise on night 2 A movie night and many more ( Thats just what i could think of at the top of my head)  Okay here is some more: Ice skating, In the old melbourne gaol,  and so much more that i cannot remeber. I’m looking forward to it because i’ve never had a real tour of Melbourne and it’s artifacts.


– Kamryn. 🙂  😉


At the end of the road Jane could see an old house surrounded by barb wired fences, chipped bricks, smashed windows, thick, oozy dead grass, and out the front there was an old, rusty ute. Jane walked up to the house door and knocked. There was no answer. Jane heard a CREEK, the door was slowly opening. Jane walked inside. Jane saw a figure move, so she wanted to follow it, but it had already disappeared. So Jane in every room trying to find the figure. “ Jane, this way” A soft voice whispered.So Jane followed the voice. “ Jane, come this way” the soft voice continues. “How do you know my name?” Jane asked  “ Come Jane ” the voice whimpered.  Jane was getting closer, and she knew it, the voice was getting louder and louder. Soon enough the voice was louder than ever. Jane walked into the last room “ Jane, i’m over here” . Jane walked over to the corner of the room. “ Jane, can you see me?” The voice asked “ No, where are you?” . “Right in front of you” Then suddenly, out of nowhere a girl wearing a white, silk gown and raven black hair “ What is your name?” asked Jane “Gloria, I’ve been in this mansion for 64 years” “Why?” asked Jane “ In 1950 my sister Jennifer was drowning in lake trapplion , she was screaming for help so I jumped in and tried to save her but she pulled me underneath and then she crawled out to the shore and left me drowning and I died” Explained Gloria. “ Oh, ok”  said Jane “ And Jennifer is a  too?” Asked Jane “ I suppose, but not an actual spirit she is a corpse, she is alive a little bit but she is mostly dead.” explained Gloria. Then all of a sudden a man came in “ Jane, what are you doing in here, this place place is dangerous” Yelled the man. The man happened to be Jane’s father, Chris. “ Daddy, i’m just exploring” Explained Jane “ You have five minutes young lady, Come home right this minute!!!!” Yelled Chris. “ Why? You’ve always wanted me to make a new friend, and I have right now. Her name is Gloria!!!” Explained Jane “ Yes, sir my name is Gloria” Explained Gloria “ Where are you?” asked Chris. “ I’m next to Jane sir “ Explained Gloria “ Ahhhhhhhh “ Screamed Chris and then Chris ran all the way back to Jane’s house where Jane’s mother, Lora was cooking dinner. Back at the haunted mansion the spirit was creeping around “ Okay, i’ve never shown any spirit or living creature this, it’s an invisibility cloak. I want you to have it” Explained Gloria “ Thank you for this wonderful gift, I’ll never forget you” Yelled Jane as she left the mansion.Then Jane and the spirit became best friends and lived happily ever after.

My reflection

On Friday the 20th March 2015 it was anti-bulling day and everyone was aware , you see it was the day to help make a difference

First of all in the morning we marked the roll,  and we all had to make a link and join them all together to make a paper chain, then during the anti-bulling day session all the leaders of Epsom Primary School had to make a promise that we’ll never bully, never be a bystander and stand up for one another. We also enjoyed a nice bulling video! ( Not watching people bully )

And the definition of bulling is that it goes over and over every day of the week. And Cyber bulling is  just like regular bulling but it follows you home!!!!!

What I learnt: That people get bullied everywhere and you cannot always see it or know about

Shelia Rance

Shelia Rance


Shelia Rance was born, and grew up by the sea, which is probably why Maia’s adventures in Suncatcher start among the cliff dwellers who live near the edge of the ocean. She couldn’t remember a time she wasn’t scribbling or dreaming up a story. Shelia is a fantastic author and a great descriptionist, Especailly when it comes to the setting and she is fantastic at her characters,E.g: Maia, with her ‘Flame’ coloured hair. Shelia’s langauge is exquisite with the taste of freedom and lets you see what the characters

She makes you feel all the emotions and things might mean nothing to you before the complication but when it gets to the complication you feel the powerful emotions and the meanings are powerful once you start to read you cannot get your head away from her books.

My Opinion: in her books That she really likes to keep you conneted to the characters, and to the book

Thankyou for reading my post on Shelia Rance 🙂 🙂 😉 

Hope you liked it  😀 😀



Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival

On March the 2nd Epsom PS went to the Bendigo east swimming club and we had heaps of fun. I came 4th in all my races:

1st race: The 25 meter freestyle!!! Place: 4th

2nd race: The 25 backstroke!!! Place: 4th

3rd race: The 15 breast stroke!!! Place: (I did not compete)

4th race: The 50 meter freestyle!!! Place: 4th

5th race: The 50 meter backstroke!!!Place: 4th

6th race: The 25/50 meter breaststroke!!! Place: (I did not compete)

My Opinion: That it was a day to remember

Things to work on: Stay a little longer!! And to have more activities!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂  🙂

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